Age Is Just a Number: 5 Signs an Older Woman Likes You

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Older Woman Likes You


There are several telltale signs that can indicate an older woman likes you. First, she may make a concerted effort to spend time with you, showing a genuine interest in your company.

It’s pretty much okay for an older guy to like a younger girl. More so, society has Instilled that in us as the ‘normal‘, making the other way around seem abnormal or absurd which isn’t meant to be. Feelings are really no respecter of age. Although, one’s preferences are always allowed.

Age is nothing but a number they say. Do you agree with them? That’s the question that I should ask. If you agree with this saying and have no issues with dating older women (this is for the guys now, I don’t think it’s absurd in any way for a girl to date a younger guy). We shall examine signs that may tell you whether or not that older lady really does like you.

You need to pay attention and grasp every detail, the reason being that girls will always be girls; whether old or young. What this means is that, most definitely, one would want to think that older ladies due to experience would give the clearest signs, however, this is not the case.

Even the older ladies don’t always make the signs obvious and this is why I am here, writing this article to enlighten you on some signs you should watch out for that shows that an older lady likes you. Here are some of the signs that indicate that an older lady may just be into you.



A countless number of times, and most especially in my blog I have stated that one of the signs that a girl is into you is the way and manner she initiates and holds eye contact.

Older women are no exception to this fact. If an older woman likes you, she would always make eye contact with you when both of you are in the same location or environment. These eye contacts are not merely incidental or coincidental but initiated.

Now, there are two ways eye contact can turn out. One, she might drop her gaze. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Far from that. If this were the case, I would advise you to pay attention immediately to her body language.

Did she blush or tuck her hair behind her ear? If she did then, she likes you. If she didn’t, but rather just cast her eyes away nonchalantly. Then she doesn’t like you.

The second way the eye contact could turn out is that she maintains and holds your gaze. If an older woman likes you, and she initiates eye contact, she will hold such eye contact for a period longer than normal.

If this is your case, don’t avert your eyes just yet. It would make you look timid, and likes most girls might not like that kind of guy, so, give her a smirk or contagious smile.


Now, this is very much different from eye contact. Ladies have this gnash for seductive looks. You can’t just take it away from them. Under the eyelash look which is the look where a lady looks at you and at the same time doesn’t want you to catch her eyes on you.

So, she bats her eyelashes. An older is skilled in this art. So, watch the way she looks at you. Do her looks express anything? Do her looks feel flirtatious or inviting? If yes, then she likes you.


Always pay attention to how your conversations play out. Does she ask personal questions, or wants to know about your love life? Or even more exciting, does she want to know your taste in ladies? If yes, then know that she likes you.

Another aspect of your conversation that could serve as a pointer to if she likes you or not is her talking about her dating life. Older ladies are always direct when it comes to these things.

She most likely will inform you that she’s single and give reasons why she is. She also would tell you what she likes in guys. More or less telling you she likes you.

Besides all of this, even if she chooses not to come directly like this. Pay attention to how your conversations flow. Does she seems to pay extra attention to you than normal?

Does she always initiate conversations or seem to want to chat with you often or enjoy chatting with you. Does she allow herself to be vulnerable in her conversations with you? These are all pointers she probably likes you.


If an older lady likes you, she will always desire your company. If she’s always calling,  texting, chatting or/and always wants to see you or have you around. Then she likes you.

Another thing that differentiates friends and objects of crush under this sign is that, if an older lady likes you she is always the one initiating the outings. Dinners, launch, occasions, you name it.

If she wants to spend time with you and thus suggests that you guys hang out always. Then she likes you.



Ladies for a fact are comfortable in the presence of the one they like.  Does she seem really comfortable around you?

You might be wondering “how can you really tell she is comfortable?“. Well, her body language could help give this away.

Does she feel relaxed and chilled around you? Relaxed enough to want to lean on you if she is probably tired. Then, these are some of the pointers you need that she likes you.


If and when an older lady likes you she would always pay you compliments, stemming from how good you look, to how well you dress.

She even goes to the extent of paying you compliments career-wise and she never gets tired of how awesome you are.

An older woman who likes a guy always shower the guy with gifts. This is very typical. They will always want to spoil you with tons and tons of gifts.

Finally, Notice how she always touches you while you guys talk. Is she daring and provocative in her hugs or flirtatious in her touches?

Does she seem to always want to lean on you or generally does things that initiate body contact? If an older lady likes you, she would always engage in physical touch.


If all these signs are present in your relationship with an older lady, congratulations. But I admonish you to be decisive and don’t overdo it. One thing older ladies hate is an immature mind and an indecisive heart.


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