15 Secret Bet9ja Winning Tips | How to Play Bet9ja and Win Millions Daily

Bet9ja Winning Tips to Win Millions
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Are you interested in betting? Are you tired of betting and losing your money? Well, we have some Winning tips for Bet9ja that has worked over the years and will help you play Bet9ja and Win Big every day whether in Bet9ja Virtual or Live Games.

We all know that Bet9ja is an excellent service for anyone who enjoys betting. You can play for free just for the thrill of it or invest some cash in order to earn real money. Bet9ja can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, so you can continue playing even if you are away from your computer.

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How to Play Bet9ja and Win

Find the event you want to bet on and choose the odds. Whatever you choose will be added to your betting slip automatically.

When you are done selecting all the odds and events you want, find your betting slip on the right side of the screen and enter the amount of money you wish to bet. If you have chosen more than one event, you can decide whether to play them as multiple or combined.

After you have entered the desired amount (or amounts, if you have chosen combined), click on Bet, and your bet will be booked. You will get your booking number, and in order for your bet to become valid, you will need to authorize it at a betting shop.

Secret Bet9ja Winning Tips | How to Play Bet9ja and Win Millions Daily

1. Never underestimate a team:

Although this is an Unavoidable risk, a team should never be looked down as a week team cannot be said to lose 100 per cent, not even when they are up against the best teams.

From past occurrences, it is noticed that over 15% of underestimated teams win daily. The few games always “cast your ticket”. Some aware of this may like to choose the goal winning option and not the “straight win” or “double chance”.

2. Don’t stake on your team:

Staking on a team you support will involve emotions. If you must win in a soccer prediction, emotions should be kept away during predictions. Games should be played singly notwithstanding how weak the teams they are against are.

3. Stake Only on selected leagues:

Some leagues of interest must be carefully studied to keep a consistent pace of winning. Each league has a temperament, as such, understanding a leagues temperament and predicting matches will be positive with little or no foresight and a chance of getting it correct. This is one of the Bet9ja Winning Tips.

4Don’t be deceived by odds in key matches:

A team should not be judged from odds given to them. Most times the odds given to the team discourages the outcome of a football match. You may end up asking yourself questions like how a team with 7.5 odd wins a team with 1.4 odd. If you concentrate on the odds, you will hardly predict correctly.

5Don’t depend fully on predicting site:

it is pertinent to know that the soccer predicting sites are programmed, robots predicting according to the team; recent form, position on the table and home advantage.

You can use them to chose a match, but attain victory will need to make further research on each of the team especially on their “ head-to-head” performance. This is one of the Bet9ja Winning Tips.

6Don’ t stake matches when you are angry:

Games should be staked when you are in a good mood as it has to do with emotions and feelings sometimes. Anger should not come to play when predicting as it would affect predictions. Games can be lost if this natural phenomenon is violated

7. Never Borrow money to play a game:

it is not best if you borrow money to play games. It has been proven that there is a higher degree of lose when money is borrowed to play bet bet9ja. It is a law of nature, like a mystery without any empirical reason.

8. Don’t Assume you know it all:

You may be cool at predicting the outcome of football matches but it is better to be cool with this quality of your and learn new stuff humbly, as there is something known as luck in every football match. This is seen as a most likely assumed to win team may end up losing. This is another Bet9ja Winning Tips

9. Speak less concerning your game:

After playing a game it is better to stay calm and don’t disclose your game update to people. Speak less about it in public whether you win or lose. Celebrate silently and sulk silently in both situations.

10. Don’t stake every match you wish:

Most times, people stake on big matches knowing that the outcome will be hard to predict. Being skeptical about a game’s outcome is not a good one, so it’s better you go ahead to another especially for competitive matches.

More Bet9ja Winning Tips

11. Pick better odds instead of too many games

If you must win every time in bet9ja, limit the numbers of games you pick. In fact, it is advisable that you pick at least 10 games with good odds. When you pick over 30 games, there is definitely a possibility that 1, 2, or even more will cut the game.

12. Check the statistics of the teams before you play

This is another way to win on bet9ja. Don’t just pick any game because it has lower odd, research very well before you place your bet. Check the last games the teams you want to pick has played. Study statistics very well before you play.

13. Don’t be too greedy

To win bet9ja, you shouldn’t be too greedy. If you place a bet with N100 and expect to win N20m, it would be very difficult to win. There is a possibility that you might win with such stake but there’s also a possibility that you might not. So to be on the safe side, keep your greed aside if you are willing to win.

14. Play running tickets if you must pick multiple games

If you like a long ticket, it is advisable that you play a running ticket. By running a ticket, I mean that you have to play tickets running through several days or weeks. This will enable you to select sure games.

15. Bet on goals

It is very safe sometimes to bet on goals, that is, GG, under or over 1, 2,3, both teams to score, both teams to score two goals, one goal, etc.

In conclusion, apply these Secret Bet9ja winning tips and watch your prediction skills improve drastically.

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