Princeton University Acceptance Rate for 2023/2024 Admissions

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Princeton University Acceptance Rate

The “Princeton University Acceptance Rate for 2023/2024 Admissions” is a pivotal metric for prospective students and an indicator of the university’s selectivity.

Princeton University is one of the best research institutes in USA and a member of the ‘Ivy League’. The university manifests interdisciplinary research collaborations and is known for Computer Science (12.5%), Econometrics and Quantitative Economics (9.9%) discipline. Princeton University campus is vast with voguish facilities in 5 schools and colleges, 200+ campus buildings, 6 residential colleges, 17 campus chaplains, and 10 libraries.

The university houses over 8,000 students with 98% undergraduate students and 70% graduate students living on campus. At Princeton, the acceptance rate is 3.8% reflecting a highly selective admission policy. International students constitute 14% of the total student body at Princeton. Students from 140 countries applied for admissions to Princeton University, among whom, candidates from 70 countries received offer.

The university has the highest number of titles among the ‘Ivy League’ institutes. The university offers over 400 international internship opportunities. Till now, 18 alumni of Princeton University have won the Nobel Prize and 112 Princetonians have competed in the Olympics.


  • Variety of courses: Princeton University offers admission in more than 36 undergraduate degree programs, 55 undergraduate certificates, 44 graduate degree programs, and 13 graduate certificates and a pathway program in STEM fields in USA through the School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Campus Facilities: Princeton campus houses 500+ student organizations, several museums including Princeton University Art Museum, and 11 co-ed eating clubs. The campus exhibits athletic courts, coffee house, computing and study space, exercise room, 21 private clubs, pool tables, parking area and many more.
  • Abundance of Scholarships: Princeton offer scholarships to more than 60% international students on the ground of family resources of the applicants. The university has met 100% of the demonstrated needs of its aspirants through several financial aid programs.
  • Placements: Princeton graduates secure jobs in companies like Amazon, Citigroup, Uber, and also top-ranked universities like Harvard, NYU, MIT among others. The highest paying profession after studying in Princeton are Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services with an average annual salary of 158,000 USD.


  • Expensive Courses: The average cost of studying at Princeton University is nearly 78,000 USD (~58-60 lakh INR) including tuition, boarding, miscellaneous and living cost. This might be a concern for students on a low budget.
  • Dining System: The fraternity/sorority system in the Dining clubs might not match the choices of most of the international students.


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