About the Nigerian Maritime University

About the Nigerian Maritime University
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Are you considering applying to the Nigerian Maritime University, NMU? Then it is important you know a bit about the institution and what it offers.

Let’s briefly look at that.

About the Nigerian Maritime University

The Nigerian Maritime University (NMU), is established and owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and is located in Okerenkoko with its takeoff campus at Kurutie Warri Southwest Local Government Area of Delta State.
The Federal Ministry of Transport acting through the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), and in the execution of its mandate, proposed the establishment of the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, Warri Southwest Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria.
Okerenkoko, where the permanent site of the University is located sits on the left bank of the Escravos River noted for shipping and inland waterborne transportation. The Escravos River opens into the Atlantic Ocean and it is a preferred route for ocean-going vessels engaged in the oil and gas industry. The University was established in response to the chronic shortage of professional human capital and global competitive technical know-how in the maritime industry and economy.

The global maritime economy has become increasingly knowledge-driven, necessitating the production of local high-level professionals imbued with a requisite dosage of nationalism and patriotism. In February 2018 the National Universities Commission (NUC) gave the approval to commence degree programs in the University. To enable the University to commence academic activities in the 2017/2018 academic session a well-developed temporary site located at Kurutie town has been acquired for the University. The University took off with three Faculties, thirteen Programmes/ Departments and a school of Basic studies. The Faculties and programs are:

Courses Offered in Nigerian Maritime University, NMU

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum & Gas Engineering

Faculty of Marine Transport

  • Marine Economics and Finance
  • Nautical Science
  • Ports Management
  • Transport & Logistics

Faculty of Environmental Management

  • Marine Geology
  • Environmental Management & Pollution Control
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Meteorology & Climate Change.

Nigerian Maritime University Vision

The vision of the Nigeria Maritime University is to be the maritime institution of the first choice for all those who seek to make a career in the industry and to contribute to the creation of employment and wealth in the global maritime economy.
The University shall expand the frontiers of knowledge and opportunities for Nigeria to be a leading player in the world’s maritime industry and economy; and produce first-rate mariners and professionals imbued with patriotism, discipline, and courage to manage Nigeria’s maritime industry and keep the country’s flag aloft across the oceans and waterways of the world


The mission of the Nigeria Maritime University is to provide excellent facilities and faculties for training, research, and production of maritime human resources and equipment where staff and students can achieve their professional goals and support Nigeria to exploit her maritime endowments to become a leading player in the world’s knowledge-driven economy.


The philosophy of the Nigeria Maritime University is informed by the quest by Nigeria to become one of the foremost nations in the world in the training of professionals and investors in the maritime economy. The philosophy also derives from the abundance of maritime resources and opportunities in the country waiting to be developed and transformed through training and research. Beneficiaries of the University’s programmes are expected to be competitive in the global market place and to serve as the corps of skilled, technical personnel, inventors and investors who shall support Nigeria’s vision to become a key player in the world’s maritime industry and economy.


Nigeria Maritime University has outlined its objectives aimed at meeting its vision and mission. The objectives of the Nigeria Maritime University are:
  1.  To encourage the advancement of knowledge in the maritime sector and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex, or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring higher education in maritime technology and allied fields.
  2.  To provide courses of instruction and training leading to the award of degrees, diplomas, and certificates in fields of maritime training /industry.
  3. To encourage scholarship and to conduct research in all fields related to the maritime industry.
  4. To develop infrastructure and facilities for the design and production of maritime vessels and equipment.
  5. To relate the activities of the University to the social and economic needs of Nigeria.
  6. To undertake any other activities appropriate for a maritime institution.


The University’s core values define the character of the institution and are active ingredients in all that the University does. Through our commitment to these values the University can better serve and be more responsive to its students, staff and community:
Community – Building a community of scholars and students where we encourage each other to grow academically and other aspects of human capacity development.
Leadership –Serving the community with integrity, respect and environmental sensitivity
Teamwork – Working together to encourage input and dialogue in a manner befitting higher education
Accountability – Continuously assessing where we are as a maritime institution and to assume responsibility for all that we do
Participation – Fostering and encouraging faculty, staff and students in various university decision-making processes and practicing shared governance
Excellence – Seeking high standards for teaching, scholarship, and performance with a commitment to continual development
The establishment of the Nigeria Maritime University is furnished by Nigeria’s abundant endowment in maritime resources and waterways. Nigeria has an 850km coastline on the Atlantic Ocean that connects some of the world’s richest economies. There are also over 3000km of inland waterways which have hosted navigational enterprises for centuries.

These combined assets make Nigeria one of the most blessed nations in maritime and aquatic abundance. The Nigeria Maritime University shall be the citadel of the technical and engineering knowledge that shall transform these natural resources into renewable and inexhaustible wealth, to create jobs and enterprises and to fortify Nigeria’s international trade and national sovereignty.


All hail, All hail Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko.
A Citadel of learning for students and professionals
Of ocean and water-ways;
Developing human capacity, skills, patriotism, and courage.
Hail institution of the first choice; Hail institution of excellence,
For a career in the maritime global economy,
Peaceful congregation of scholars;
Sailing through the marine-ways of the world.

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