Is it possible to gain muscle or shed fat through home workouts?

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home workouts

The question of whether one can build muscle or lose fat through home workouts is met with an affirmative answer. Engaging in consistent and well-designed home workouts can indeed yield noticeable results in both muscle building and fat loss.

Firstly we’re going to talk about the benefits and negatives of working out at home.

So, let’s jump into it.

what are the benefits of working out at home

  1. There’s no membership fee.
  2. eliminate some travelling to the gym three.
  3. It’s more convenient.

So if you’ve just had a hard day’s work and you haven’t got time to go to a gym it might be more convenient for you to workout at home

  1. there’s no queuing to use gym equipment.

So for example, if you’re at the gym; there’s been many times where you might be waiting to use a particular machine and you have to wait for someone to finish that sets and reps. And all you want to do is get your exercise done and leave the gym as soon as possible.

Now what are the negatives of working out at home

  1. you need to use your imagination to maintain interest in your training.

So this is very important this is a key point and I’ll get back to that later on in this article.

  1. It can become demotivating Training alone
  2. you’re likely to be better suited to equipment at the gym.

And what I mean by this is there’s going to be equipment at the gym that might isolate muscles better than a particular exercise at home.

  1. there’s no social aspect(some)

and I put some in brackets because some like to be by themselves and get their workout completed as quickly as possible whereas others like to take their time and speak to people. That might be a negative working at home for someone like that.

Now, going back to that point I said about having a good imagination of being at the gym. You’ve got to be inventive with your exercises. This brings me on to this example of a push-up.

So here I’ve got a guide guiding wide grip push up. He’s trying to train triceps. And he doesn’t know what to do once he’s reached his goal. He’s doing 12 – 15 reps easy And he’s just doing it over and over again every day working out home whatever it may be.

So what does he do? What can you do? This is where you’ve got to implement the progressive overload principle into your session guys as well. You’ve got to do it if you’re at home as well. So you’ve got to make it more difficult and more demanding on the body.

So you get a response rate to stimulate protein synthesis in order for you to grow if you want to gain size but if you’re trying to lose weight you want to look to get your heart pumping as fast as possible. Stuff like training is very good for that because getting your heart pumping as fast as possible and then having short breaks help you burn fat really quickly.

But moving back on to how can you improve in exercise or progress to a different exercise. If you’re training triceps and if you find then you’re getting to 12 – 15 reps of that and you’re finding it easy after a few weeks. Well, what you do then is simple. you can decrease the rest period you can up the exercise. Change the dynamics of the exercise for your benefit.

It’s all about you benefiting from it to suit your needs guys. whatever your goals may be whether it’s to lose fat or build muscle you need to exercise to benefit you. So there are many variations you can do of different exercises.

It’s all about implementing that progressive overload principle in order to get the best out of your sessions at home. So if you’re going to work out at home, you make sure you invent it with your exercises and make sure you push yourself to limits where you know you’re going to make progression quickly and efficiently.


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