Elevate your efficiency using these 6 distinct productivity enhancers

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productivity enhancers

Revitalize your productivity with a curated selection of six unique productivity enhancers. From implementing focused time management strategies to embracing innovative digital tools, these enhancers cater to various aspects of your work routine.

Time Productivity Boosters

Some people achieve much more that we do with the same given amount of time and you might probably be wondering how do they and simultaneously asking yourself how can you do more? How can you boost your productivity and generate more time for yourself?

Well, the major goal of time management is to increase your efficiency and boost your productivity but how can you really achieve these? The answer is pretty simple– Time Productivity Boosters.

Before going into this time productivity boosters, there are two important laws that are very necessary and need to be understood when it comes to time management and productivity, and these include:

1) Law of Priority

Successful people understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment – John .C. Maxwell.

Efficient persons get things done not busy people. You could actually be busy achieving absolutely nothing. The very worst use of your time is to do well what need not be done at all.

2)The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction (LOA) is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. It is believed by many to be a universal law by which “Like always attracts like” The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences.

Its the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Whatever you focus your mind on is what moves towards you. The reason why most poor people can never be rich is that they hate rich people. Who you are is who you attract to yourself. Whatever pulls you is where you have the greatest attraction of your time.

6 unique productivity boosters to increase your productivity

1. Practice The 60*20*60 Rule

Practising the 60*20*60 rule simply means:

 a) whatever is your current sleep time add 60min more to your current hour of sleep and spend your first 60min each day in spiritual renewal/reflection

Note: When you give your spirit man what it needs, you give your spirit something to carry on throughout the day. When your spirit man is calm and at rest, it’s able to carry well during the day.

Learn to meditate. During spiritual reflection, you are detoxifying yourself. It helps you work in confidence, it is the platform for what your remaining day would look like.

b)Use 20min after spiritual renewal to draw up

  • Drawing up here means planning and putting down things. Nothing is too little to write down.
  • Spend another 20min in taking 2 glasses of water and within that 20min engage in physical activities. Whatever would make your heart beat faster and pump blood properly will help to boost your time management for the day. Once your heart is able to beat faster you are already in tune with what your day would look like.

c) The last 60 in the 60*20*60

Well, this signifies the 60mins after waking up and before you sleep. It’s simple, the first 60min after you wake don’t use your phone or check any social media and the last 60min before your sleep, don’t use your phone or watch TV or anything with screens because it keeps your brain alert even after.

2. Allocate Time Blocks

Robert Crawford carried out a research that yielded a result that there are only 3hrs of productivity a day. Meaning if you want to really achieve something, you have to allocate 3hrs time blocks and focus on what you want to do.

Block time is that period that requires blocking out a significant amount of time to advance or complete a major task or project in your life. If you don’t learn to block out time especially for this 3hrs every day. You can’t be very productive.

Blocked time gives you a focused approach. If you want to use your block time to study then you discard every other thing such as your phone.

This allocated time block could be for anything actually, anything such as thinking because creating time for thinking is the time where you unpack. It’s often helpful to use the 60*20*60 time block.

3. Practice intermittent break hours

The body goes through the “ultradian rhythm “. After every 90-120 min cycles, the body slowly moves from a high energy state into a physiological trough i.e goes through physical trauma.

Towards the end of each cycle, the body begins to crave a period of recovery. These recovery signals include physical restlessness, yawning, hunger and difficulty in concentration.

When these signals are ignored, our energy reservoir is depleted. Create a cycle of recovery periods. You can use the 20min to affirm, meditate or rest a little, speak to yourself rather than download yourself with information or pressing of your phone.

Note: if you overflood your body today, you can’t put it to good use the following day.

4. Use the Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique is a programmed break technique to refresh and relax the brain after a period of intensive work. It was created by Francesco Cirilo and based on a system of doing 25min undistracted work followed by a 5minutes break.

Note:  A break is not a social thing, it is a physiological need of the body

5. Break digital addiction

When you use your phone 60min each day after waking up and before you sleep you set your brain on an addiction model with Digital Intravenous Device(D.I.D)

According to Dr Sriram Chellappan ”  about 5-10% of all internet users appear to show web dependency “.

Brain imaging study shows that compulsive internet use may induce in some brain reward pathway that is similar to that seen in drug addiction.

So when you inculcate the habit of not using your phone 60min before you sleep or after you wake up, you slowly break the addiction. As we all know social media platforms are very engaging, you hardly just enter and come out.

Rather, it keeps you there which of course is going to be serving your brain D.I.D. This D.I.D happens the moment you start consuming content on social media without a plan.

6. Ask Yourself Daily Questions

Two questions you should ask yourself daily is

  • What can I execute on right now that would be in alignment with my goals and vision?
  • What do I do that waste my time without contributing to my productivity?

As you answer this question and are able to eliminate and rearrange you would be able to generate much more time for yourself and most importantly be more productive.

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