Job Opportiunities and Career Options for Finance Major and their Salary

Career Options for Finance Major Professionals
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For people with a deep interest in the financial markets, stocks, bonds, and several other investment vehicles, and also people who love to work with numbers, career options in the finance world is your best bet.

For this reason, we will show you some of the best job opportunities and career options and paths for college graduates with a finance degree and the salary involved.

There are many brilliant and intriguing types of jobs in finance. In the year 2020, there are even more emerging careers in finance. Also, most times people wonder what to do with a finance degree and no experience. This will also help you out.

Career Options for Finance Major

Careers in finance are often a popular choice in that they can offer a high paying position shortly after completing your degree. The different opportunities for working within the finance field are vast, with a multitude of specialities to choose from. Depending on your level of education and specific interests, there is a finance career for you.

1. Commercial Banking

A career in commercial banking provides a variety of financial services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, and multiple loan options. There is a lot of room for growth within commercial banking as many begin their careers as bank tellers and move up to become branch managers.

2. Insurance Agent

Working within the insurance field allows you to explore many different aspects of finance within one occupation. You can work as an insurance sales representative, a customer service specialist or you can work to calculate risks and probabilities of financial trends to help your clients with their financial objectives.

3. Investment Banking

Investment banking is a high-intensity field that involves selling and trading corporate securities, as well as provides insightful advice to corporations and individuals. The responsibilities of an investment banker may also include trading stocks and bonds on the stock market.

4. Financial Planner

A financial planner works with clients to create plans that ensure an individual’s current and future finances are in order. They discuss strategies for investing and savings to reach a client’s goal. Typically, financial planners work within a local or national firm and should look into obtaining the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification.

5. Hedge Fund Manager

Unregulated private investment funds are typically described as hedge funds. Working with the type of investment provides an array of possible jobs ranging from financial traders, analysts, compliance officers, and portfolio managers.

6. Public Accounting

Another diverse career within the finance world is public accounting. A public accountant works with both individual clients and corporations to maintain their financial transactions, audit their records, and prepare income tax returns. Typically, a public accountant may work in small or large firms depending on their clientele.

7. Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for tracking profits and deficits of a company, then developing a strategy to maintain successful financially. One key aspect of a chief financial officer is their managerial skills and often oversees a team of employees.

8. Real Estate Agent

Commercial and residential real estate financial careers work with clients to plan out the best strategy to fund the purchase of a family home, office location, or shopping centre. Some potential job paths for financial real estate include mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, and life insurance professionals.

9. Venture Capitalist

A career in venture capital explores the potential expansion of financial opportunities for small or start-up companies. As a venture capitalist, you will determine if your firm will invest in these types of companies in hopes that their stock will become publically traded on the stock market.

Salary for Careers in Finance

Commercial Banking Average Salary: $92,983

Insurance Agent Average Salary: $37,667

Investment Banking Average Salary: $96,543

Financial Planner Average Salary: $61,830

Hedge Fund Manager Average Salary: $70,000

Public Accounting Average Salary: $63,907

Chief Financial Officer Average Salary: $128,468

Real Estate Agent Average Salary: $59,180

Venture Capitalist Average Salary: $92,406

In conclusion, if you have been wondering and confused about “what finance career is best for me“, I believe this has been an eye-opener for you certainly and a form of direction to a finance career path.



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