16 Things That Tend to Displease Narcissists

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Navigating relationships with narcissistic individuals can be a complex endeavor as certain behaviors tend to displease narcissists.

Displease Narcissists

Hi guys, today on narcissistic personality disorder we would be looking at the things narcissists hate the most. What I also like to term Narcissist weak points.

Trust me, these things do make a narcissist panic and also make some narcissists miserable. You wonder why narcissists do the weird thing they do, Most times it’s because of these things they hate.

Narcissists only make up about 1% of the population, but when you think of the hundreds of people you know, chances are there are maybe a few narcissists mixed in.

As we know, these Narcissists can be a toxic bunch who like to pretend that they’re all-powerful, all-knowing beings that can never be harmed.

But regardless of how they act, there are actually quite a few things that strike a deep sense of fear and annoyance in them.

I can imagine how miserable the narcissists in your life probably makes you feel and you are wondering the things you could do to shake them.

Well, here are 16 narcissist actually hate and fear and try their best to avoid. Stir these up and stir them up. That is to say if you are looking for the answers to the question how does a narcissist react when he can’t control you, do these things.

  1. Authority

Narcissists are obviously one to feel superior to others. For this reason, they detest control and any form of authority over them. They do not like to answer to anybody or be bossed around by anyone.

Of course, it’s no surprise that most authority figures dislike working with narcissists. Their volatile reactions to basic instructions make them difficult to work with. Any sense of authority threatens their inherent desires for power and control.

  1. Vulnerability

Narcissists are often one to build a lowkey wall around them. They hate to feel weak and being vulnerable. Filled with so many emotions makes them felt his way.

More reasons why they are seen as incapable of really loving deep. They are always on the edge and ready to move whenever anything calls for it. This is why they hardly have long-lasting relationships.

  1. Commitment

With lack of vulnerability obviously comes a lack of commitment. Narcissists are terrible with commitments. Although they believe they deserve all senses of loyalty, they don’t usually provide it themselves.

Not wanting to be placed in such a vulnerable spot oftentimes makes them seek other options. As a result, when they get into relationships, they don’t consider other people’s needs. They’re only accounting for their own emotions, impulses, and desires.

  1. Criticism

These people will criticize you in a heartbeat on how you look, walk, talk, eat, sleep and take a dump. But “Heavens To Murgatroyd” if you “suggest” a slight change in their outfit for the office party.

They are very quick to belittle or intentionally put down someone with all of their criticism disguised as a joke or the truth. But due to their overly conscious self, they can’t keep the energy when same critics are thrown at them.

  1. Loneliness

Being around people doesn’t always mean you aren’t going to feel alone. In fact, this is perhaps the worse type of loneliness that one can ever feel.

Loneliness for a narcissist is like a hell. Because despite their “I’m so great” attitude, they don’t like themselves as much as they would like others to believe. Hence the constant need for attention and validation.

  1. Lack of Admiration

Narcissists feed heavily on the admiration of others. Without other people, they are nothing. Narcissists can’t stand when no one is paying attention to them.

They don’t know how to feel important or special if they aren’t the centre of the universe or consuming someone’s thoughts.

Narcissists would appreciate negative attention better than no attention at all.  Any form of attention gives them the incentive to keep going.

  1. Lack Of Acknowledgment

It’s no secret that most narcissists always need validation (‘closet narcissists’ could be exceptions). They depend on constant approval to maintain their sense of intrinsic worth.

In order to get this, you find them absorbing the energy of others to feel good about themselves because your downfall is often their strength. Therefore, a lack of acknowledgement is a real threat.

  1. Insult

Narcissists really hate being insulted. They are often hypersensitivity to insults, and the mere thought of being verbally abused can be a source of great fear for them.

Hypersensitivity means that they experience the “sting” of being insulted much more than the average person. Very true that any normal person could be hurt and saddened by an insult, they’ll probably get over it in a matter of days or even hours.

Narcissists on the other hand will feel insults as a crushing blow to their already fragile self-esteem, and they’ll brood and sulk over it for weeks on end. They might even never get over it.

  1. Getting a ‘No’

Of all things a narcissist hates, being told no (and actually following through with it) tops the list.

Narcissists are used to manipulating and weaselling their way into getting what they want. So getting a no gets them riled up and confused because they don’t see why you’d tell them no.

They’ve spent their whole lives charming people to meet their needs without considering their feelings much. That’s why telling them no- and being adamant on your stance- often causes such an angry reaction.

  1. Being wrong/Apologising

As much as narcissists hate to apologise, that’s how much they hate being wrong. Narcissists can’t accept any real consequences.

They can’t see when they’re wrong, and they can’t understand how someone would ever think they’re wrong because deep down they have convinced themselves that they are always right.

As a result, they tend to react disproportionately to boundaries and serious conversations as a means to intimidate you and force you into compliance. Hence, they argue a lot.

  1. Rejection

Narcissistic people are emotionally fragile. So rejection hits them far more than the common man. Rejection to them is literally like feeling burned, hence the phrase “oh, you got burned” when someone is rejected.

The reason for this is because for some people being rejected light up the same areas of the brain where people who have been burned is located. Rejection affects their ego.

  1. Public Humiliation

Humilation alone is devastating not to talk of a public humiliation. Narcissists can’t handle real or perceived public humiliation. They just can’t tolerate the threat of failure.

To them, public humiliation is the ultimate form of defeat. As we all know narcissists have incredibly fragile egos.

When they believe someone is making fun of them or if they’re not the perceived expert or authority in a public setting, it jolts their existence.

  1. Loosing At Anything

No one likes to lose. Everybody wants to win. But some can loose and take it with good fate but for narcissists, it is a different case. They hate defeat. They always want to be the champion.

Getting so bittered at losing anything could often make them come off childish because they could go as far as throwing a tantrum about it. They struggle to accept losing and get really bitter when they do.

  1. Ignored/Abandoned

Someone who hates loneliness isn’t someone who would like to be ignored or abandoned.

Their fear of being ignored and abandoned makes them do some of the most batshit and bizarre things you will ever see in adults.

These are the people who will stalk, spread rumours, break-in into your house/apartment, verbally assault you and even physically assault you.

  1. Being challenged

Narcissists usually don’t have many friends because they struggle to get along with anyone who doesn’t fit into their falsified worldview. Or challenges them.

They can’t stand to be challenged. They can’t tolerate the ideas that other people may know more than them. And so you could find them complaining a lot about other people.

  1. Change

Narcissists do not have a problem changing the rules themselves but have a problem if you do so.

What this obviously means is that -Narcissists hate change when it’s out of their control.

They do not fancy anyone changing the Status Quo for any reason, except that person is them obviously.


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