World Most Intelligent Animals Top 10

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Asides humans, some animals are seen as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. This article contains a list of these intelligent animals.

Intelligent Animals

But what about the millions of other species of animals? What criteria do we use to evaluate them?

Because there are so many signs, such as the capacity to learn new things, the ability to solve puzzles, the use of tools, and self-awareness, determining an animal’s intelligence may be challenging.

Determining which animals are the most intelligent can spark debate—and some surprises.

Intelligent Animals in the World

We’ve put together the top smartest animals on Earth. They are;

1. Ravens

Ravens are more than only the topic of Edgar Allan Poe’s grim ideas.

They’re also resourceful creatures who have just been known to multitask.

Ravens utilize reasoning to grasp their environment in a way that could surpass the abilities of giant apes, according to scientists from Canada and Scotland.

When given food that could only be obtained by carrying out a series of difficult challenges, the ravens worked out how to get to the rewards without the researchers’ aid.

2. Dolphins

Dolphins have long been thought to be highly intelligent creatures. They can interact with one another and identify themselves in a mirror.

Dolphin brains are much more physically complex than human brains and are organized for consciousness and emotion. Dolphins have the largest brains of any animal when compared to their body size, according to experts.

Humans are the only species with larger brains.

3. Rats

Rats have a poor image of being disease carriers, although they are incredibly clever creatures. Pet rats can be taught to retrieve or rollover in the same way as dogs can.

Numerous scientific tests, including those in which rats were rewarded with food for navigating mazes, have demonstrated their capacity to address issues.

Certain rats, on the other hand, are better at completing mazes than others, showing that rats have varying levels of intelligence.

4. Pigs

Pigs may be the world’s intelligent domesticated animals. Domestic pigs can utilize mirrors to discover food and will try to trick other pigs so that they can also “hog” more food, according to research.

Pigs are also quick learners and can do stunts such as leaping through hoops and playing online games with remote controls.

5. Ducks

Ducklings are known to imprint on their mothers, but does this disclose anything about their cognitive abilities?

Scientists at the University of Oxford investigated how well the ducklings were able to distinguish between imprinted and non-imprinted animals.

The ducklings would flock to the set that looked the most like their initial imprint. As a result, they would follow a set of matched cubes in the second enclosure if they followed the two spheres in the first.

6. Elephants

Elephants are renowned for their intelligence. Ticks are picked using sticks, while flies are swatted with palm fronds. Elephants have a great memory, which is why the phrase “elephants never forget” comes to mind.

Their intellect, on the other hand, may occasionally put them in conflict with their human counterparts. Some farmers outfit elephants with wooden bells to notify them if the animals approach their banana groves,

But juvenile elephants have been witnessed filling their bells with muck, preventing the clappers from ringing, allowing them to consume entire banana trees unobserved, according to the Nature Institute.

7. Cows

Cows may appear to be calm creatures just interested in eating their cud, but they actually have a complicated emotional life.

They are capable of feeling fear and anxiety, as well as having exceptional memory. Cows have their own social circles, making friends with those who treat them well and shunning those who do not.

Cows were more thrilled when they were rewarded for advancing at a job than when they were given a gift regardless, according to one scientific research, demonstrating that cows are aware of their own learning development.

8. Bees

Classic swarm intelligence is exhibited by bees. A single bee might not be intelligent in the traditional sense, but a colony of bees certainly is.

When a swarm of bees wants to select a new home, they collaborate to gather information and communicate their discoveries before voting on the best place for their new home.

When bees disagree, what happens? They’ve discovered that they can make a hive decision through a democratic “dance-off.”

9. Squirrels

Anyone who has ever witnessed a squirrel dash across a busy roadway has questioned if it is aware of the danger. A squirrel, it seems out, could be – but if there is food is from the other side of the roadway, it may not matter.

According to research from the University of Exeter, squirrels are quick learners who learn from their colleagues, especially when it comes to stealing food.

Furthermore, while squirrels are known to bury food in the autumn in preparation for the winter, they will occasionally merely pretend to bury it in order to deceive onlookers and prevent them from determining the true location of their food source.

10. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are our closest living cousins, so it’s no wonder that they’re among the smartest creatures on the planet. We share nearly all of our DNA with them.

It turns out that they have access to some of our mental resources as well. Adult chimpanzees, juvenile chimps, and college students were all given the same cognitive exam in a 2007 study.

The numerals in their places were visible to both chimps and humans for less than a second. The researchers then asked them to recall where those numbers had been and present them to the researchers.

Adult primates and humans both behaved similarly. The teenage chimps, on the other hand, left them both in the dust. They were significantly more accurate in recalling the position of each number.

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Intelligence

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the smartest animal in the world.

What is a good list of animals ordered by intelligence?


If an average “doggie IQ” is 100, what is a Border Collie’s IQ?

There are 332 dog breeds recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, or World Canine Organization. I would guess then that the average “doggie IQ” of a Border Collie would be 141. I get this number from rarity charts that show that a 141 IQ SD 15 occurs in 1 in 319. 

Why are squirrels so intent on bird feeders?

Because that’s where the best food is. Squirrels are basically rodents, they are omnivores and they eat anything that is high fat, high protein, good carbs and easy to get.

Emphasis on the easy to get part. All those seeds, grains, nuts and so forth that goes into bird seed are nicely packaged, all in one place and just perfect.

What makes the African Grey parrot an intelligent species?

While every parrot has the ability to speak if it so chooses Grey’s have proven the most remarkable in that aspect (although there are some wonderful Amazons that may rival).

Add to that the ability to differentiate and express verbally those distinctions such as numbers, colors, type of material, etc., what you have is an intelligent species.

Greys like most all parrots mate for life, and the life of a Grey can span 70 years or more depending on conditions. Parrots have demonstrated emotional and mental intelligence on par with a 3 to 5 year old human child, Greys being at the high end.

Which animal is the closest to humans in intelligence?

There is evidence to suggest Dolphins are actually smarter than humans, have their own languages, and are capable of empathy. They are also democratic.

Is it true that pigs are smarter than horses?

Yes. Pigs are the smartest domesticated animals (including horses), smarter even than dogs or cats. Pigs have been shown to learn certain complex tasks, such as moving a cursor around on a video screen using their snouts, faster than chimpanzees.



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