Seven Vital Techniques for Hair Detangling

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Hair Detangling

Proper hair detangling is a fundamental step in any hair care routine, and these techniques offer a comprehensive approach to tackling knots and tangles.

The word detangle is usually used when we are talking about the disentanglement of our hair.

It can be seen as unwinding the knots and tangle of your hair with the help of hair care tools to brush through your hair and shed hairs that can cause these knots.

When you decide to transition to natural, you would surely run into a lot of entanglements. Even those with natural or relaxed hairdo run into this.

Whatever the case or texture might be, it is important to have patience when detangling because it can be time-consuming, difficult and frustrating.

Anyways, detangling can be made much easier if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, some of which include the following below.


  1. Don’t be in a rush

If you can free up your time please do. It is much better when you do before detangling because two of the worst times to detangle your hair is when you’re in a rush or extremely tired.

Of course, there will be times when this would be pretty much unavoidable but still, it is important to be patient like I mentioned above and take time to do it so you don’t cause more harm or damage.

  1. Detangle when wet

Detangling during wash day makes detangling much easier. You can detangle before or after washing your hair.

But make sure your hair is saturated with water and some kind of conditioner or oil. Detangling your hair when dry could lead to breakage.

  1. Wash and Detangle in sections

This is definitely one awesome trick that could help you a great deal. Parting my hair into 4 sections makes washing and detangling a lot easier.

Not only does it reduce breakage and wash difficulty but it enables your products to touch every part of your hair properly and also enables you to find every tangle with ease unlike when washing your whole hair at once.

  1. Finger Detangle First

Finger detangling involves going through your hair with your fingers and separating any tangles that you feel, starting with the ends and working up to the roots. You could make use of oil while doing this.

Finger detangling first before making use of a comb is another great technique that makes detangling easier, less painful and faster. It seems time-consuming but it’s actually a time saver.

  1. Use a Seamless Wide Tooth Comb

After finger detangling, to ensure that all of the tangles are out, you can follow up with a wide-tooth comb.

A seamless wide tooth comb is the most preferable comb during detangling because they would help you glide through the tangles much more efficiently.

  1. Deep Conditioning

Do you want to detangle easily without stress? Then make a good conditioner your best friend as this would help soften your hair and make detangling easier.

Conditioning your hair is not only one of the most important steps towards good hair care but a great agent to get your hair properly detangled.

  1. Invest in a great detangling tool

There are great detangling kits you could also get and make use of if you struggle a lot with entanglement.

An example would be a detangling spray. Investing in a detangling hair spray and every other good hair tool is definitely worth the money.


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