Top 8 Places To Live In Canada 2023

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When it comes to best places to live in Canada, it depends on various factors such as your preferences, career goals, climate preferences, and lifestyle.

Best places to live in Canada: In terms of landmass, only Russia is larger than Canada. You might understand how there could be at least a few possibilities when it comes to picking where you’d like to reside in a country this huge. If you’re considering migrating to Canada—a fantastic choice, we can assure you—you might feel intimidated by its sheer vastness. We’re here to provide a breath of crisp, clean Canadian air and help with the decision. Whether you’re worried about cuisine, climate, or a profession, we’ll cover it as we examine the greatest locations to live in Canada.

places to live in Canada

Top 8 Best Cities To Live In Canada 2023

1. Edmundston: The top spot for the finest place to live in Canada is given to Edmundston. It is a town that may be found in New Brunswick’s Madawaska Country. There are several things to do in Edmundston, from outdoor activities to art galleries. It is the largest city outside of Quebec with a French-speaking majority and is a city rich in history and culture. The hub of the region’s trade and services is Edmundston, the city with the highest population density. The most sought-after professions in Edmundston are nursing, medicine, and civil engineering.

The average home costs about $150,622 while a one-bedroom flat rents for about $545 per month. The City of Edmundston’s achievement of excellent levels of security is another factor in its rating as one of the finest places to live in Canada. Edmundston has a 24% lower crime rate than the rest of the province.

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2. Oakville: Ontario’s gorgeous suburban community of Oakville is a tiny town. In terms of economic prospects and city living in general, this is perhaps among the most desirable cities in all of Canada. Because Oakville is located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, inhabitants experience nature’s gorgeous masterpieces in their most natural forms. The town is also about an hour’s drive from one of the world’s most spectacular attractions, Niagara Falls!

Residents in Oakville may easily access Toronto’s employment market because the two cities are so close by. They wouldn’t have to worry about paying for living expenses in the crowded metropolis. In addition to several manufacturing firms, Oakville is home to numerous multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates and other life sciences businesses that specialised in geriatric care. It is among the greatest cities to reside in Canada since it may provide fantastic work chances.

3. Calgary: In addition to being considered Canada’s energy hub, Calgary is listed as the world’s 47th best city. This Albertan city is well-known for its initiatives to revolutionise the use of fossil fuels worldwide. There are several good universities here, such as the University of Calgary, which is known for providing its students with high-quality education and job placement. The city is renowned for other things as well, like its fun-loving attitude and the magnificent Calgary Stampede, a cultural spectacle. The Banff National Park, nestled in the Rocky Mountains surrounding Calgary, is another major draw to this gorgeous area, making it one of the greatest locations in Canada for foreigners to reside.
4. Vancouver: One of the biggest cities in Canada’s British Columbia is called Vancouver. It is also well renowned all around the world for its fantastic nightlife, excellent employment prospects, and outstanding study abroad chances. Additionally, this city is home to several top-notch educational institutions that may help overseas students who excel in their studies launch their professions. It moves up the list of finest Canadian cities to live in as a result.
There are several career prospects for anyone ready to relocate to Vancouver thanks to the many technology-based organisations that have established bases there in Canada and throughout the world. Vancouver now ranks as the 34th greatest city in the world as a result of all these qualities.
5. Trenton: The fifth best place to live in Canada is Trenton. It is situated in Pictou County on the east bank of the East River of Pictou. The community is around 3.5 kilometres (six minutes) away from New Glasgow. Trenton is the ideal location if you want to live in a small community close to the ocean. Additionally, Trenton Park is among Nova Scotia’s top parks. You won’t be let down by its 6.5 km of mountain walking and hiking routes or its 565 acres of 100-year-old trees. In Trenton, nurses, orderlies, and transport truck drivers are in high demand.In Canada, Trenton is among the most affordable and nice locations to live. Trenton’s median price for a house is $182,400. You’ll be pleased to find that, at 20% less than the Canadian average, the cost of living is fairly reasonable. Additionally, Trenton is regarded as a safe city. Additionally, the city’s crime rate is lower than the province’s

6. Montreal: Montreal was named the 41st finest city in the world with a worthy cause. It is the exotic French heart of Canada, and probably the whole North America area. It ranks as one of the largest and greatest cities in Canada to reside in. Montreal’s historic structures and distinctive architecture will quickly transfer you to a little French town in Europe.All residents other the city may enjoy the wonderful outdoors and a wide variety of career options. All overseas students should explore the fantastic universities in this city. Because housing costs are lower than in other regions of the country, it is more welcoming to immigrants and foreign students. Aside from the cost of a flat, other things like entertainment and food aren’t very costly.

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7. Thetford Mines: The City of Thetford Mines, which is a part of the regional county municipality of Appalaches, is regarded as one of the nicest locations to live in Canada. Thetford Mines has a crime rate of 2,794 offences per 100,000 residents, making it a generally safe city. The distance between the city and Sherbrooke is an hour and a half.

The amount of outdoor activities that may be done in Thetford Mines is multiplied by the abundance of lakes and rivers in the area. Families from the area travel to Mont Adstock in the winter to go skiing. Kayaking and swimming in the various lakes and rivers that make up the city are two of its residents’ favourite summertime pastimes. Thetford Mines offers rental housing for as little as $455 per month, which is 69% less than the average price in Quebec. Thetford Mines has a significant need for industrial mechanics.

8. Wellington County: The list of Canada’s top places to live is completed with Wellington County. It is a component of the larger Golden Horseshoe area and is situated in the southwest of the province of Ontario. The city, which is one of the greatest in Canada and is less than an hour’s drive from Toronto, gives its citizens a high quality of life.

In addition to being safe, Wellington County boasts a 38% lower crime rate than Ontario. The goal of the city’s public safety services is to create and preserve a safe, vibrant, and healthy community. In fact, Wellington County is in the top 25% of all cities for all three metrics—low crime, low unemployment, and positive population growth—in all three categories.

Wellington County has an average property price of $915,427, and rental housing is 48% less expensive than the Ontario average.


Many employed individuals and overseas students consider Canada to be the land of their dreams since it offers them the chance to study and work in a developed country while also living better lives. To choose which city best matches you and your needs, make sure to look over all of these greatest Canadian cities to reside.

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