Kampala International University Uganda Courses and Fees Structure 2023/2024

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For any student willing to study in the great Kampala International University, it is important to have good knowledge of the KIU courses and tuition fees released by the management of the institution.

Kampala International University Courses and Fees

Kampala International University (KIU) is a private university located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The university was founded in 2001 and has since grown to become one of the leading institutions of higher learning in East Africa.

KIU offers a diverse range of courses at different levels of study, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses.

KIU offers affordable tuition fees for all its courses, making education accessible to students from different socio-economic backgrounds. The tuition fees vary depending on the level of study and the course of choice.

You can get more information on kampala international university like the courses offered, medical courses and tuition fees,  fees structure on the school website portal.


Kampala International University Tanzania, KIUT Courses and Fees

Kampala International University Courses and Fees Structure 2023/2024

Here is the official list of courses and their school fees at Kampala International University released by the school’s management.

1Certificate in Business Administration1 Year400,000
2Diploma in Business Administration2 Years600,000
3Bachelor of Business Administration3 Years1,205,300
4Bachelor of Business Computing3 Years1,462,000
5Bachelor of International Business Administration3 Years1,205,300
6Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Mgt.3 Years1,205,300
7Bachelor of Business Administration:Accounting and Finance3 Years1,205,300
8Bachelor of Business Administration:Finance and Banking3 Years1,205,300
9Bachelor of Arts in Economics3 Years1,205,300
10Bachelor of Science in Statistics3 Years1,462,000
11Bachelor of Economics and Applied Statistics3 Years1,462,000
12Diploma in Secretarial and Office Management2 Years600,000
13Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management2 Years600,000
14Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing3 Years1,205,300
15Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management3 Years1,205,300
16Certificate in Procurement & Supply Chain Management1 Year400,000
17Diploma in Human Resource Management2 Years600,000
18Diploma in Supplies and Procurement Management2 Years600,000
19Bachelor of Human Resource Management3 Years1,205,300
20Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement Management3 Years1,205,300


1Certificate in Mass Communication1 Year400,000
2Diploma in Mass Communication2 Years700,000
3Bachelor of Mass Communication3 Years1,180,000
4Diploma in Development Studies2 Years700,000
5Bachelor of Development Studies3 Years1,130,000
6Certificate in Public Administration1 Year400,000
7Diploma in Public Administration2 Years700,000
8Diploma in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies2 Years700,000
9Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration3 Years1,130,000
10Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies3 Years1,130,000
11Certificate in Guidance and Counseling1 Year400,000
12Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building2 Years700,000
13Diploma in Social and Community Development2 Years700,000
14Diploma in Guidance & Counseling2 Years700,000
15Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration2 Years700,000
16Bachelor of Guidance & Counseling3 Years1,130,000
17Bachelor of Social Work & Social Administration2 Years1,180,000
18Bachelor of Social & Community Development3 Years1,180,000


#PROGRAMMECOURSE DURATIONTUITION PER SEMESTER (UGX) (Tuition fees is paid per trimester) i.e 3 times in a year
1Diploma in Commerce2 Years600,000
2Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building2 Years600,000
3Diploma in Development Studies2 Years600,000
4Diploma in Guidance and Counseling2 Years666,667
5Diploma in Human Resource Management2 Years666,667
6Diploma in Supplies and Procurement Management2 Years666,667
7Diploma in Business Administration2 Years666,667
8Bachelor of Business Administration4 Years1,036,000
9Bachelor of Commerce4 Years1,000,000
10Bachelor of Conflict Resolution and Peace Building4 Years500,000
11Bachelor of Computer Science with Education2 Years950,000
12Bachelor of Development Studies4 Years950,000
13Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling4 Years850,000
14Bachelor of Human Resource Management4 Years1,036,867
15Bachelor of public Administration4 Years950,000
16Bachelor of Human Supplies and Procurement Management4 Years1,036,867
17Master in Business Administration :Banking & Finance2 Years1,100,000
18Master in Business Administration :Finance & Accounting2 Years1,100,000
19Master in Business Administration :Human Resource Mgt.2 Years1,100,000
20Master in Business Administration :Marketing2 Years1,100,000
21Master in Business Administration :NGO Mgt.2 Years1,100,000
22Master in Business Administration :Supplies & Procurement2 Years1,100,000
23Master in Educational Administration and Management2 Years850,000
24Master of Arts in Human Rights and Development2 Years850,000
25Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building2 Years900,000
26Master of Arts in History2 Years850,000
27Master of Arts in Public Administration2 Years1,100,000
28Master of International Relations and Diplomacy2 Years1,100,000
29PhD in Counseling Psychology – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
30PhD in Economics – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
31PhD in Environmental Management – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
32PhD in Management Sciences:Educational Management & Admin – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
33PhD in Management Sciences:Educational Planning – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
34PhD in Management Sciences:Entrepreneurship – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
35PhD in Management Sciences:Finance & Accounting – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
36PhD in Management Sciences:International Business – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
37PhD in Management Sciences:Information Systems – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
38PhD in Management Sciences:Public Administration & Mgt. – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400
39PhD in Management Sciences:Business Statistics – Sandwich4 Years3,333,400


1Diploma in Secondary Education: Arts2 Years620,000
2Diploma in Secondary Education: Sciences2 Years700,000
3Diploma in Primary Education (Inservice)2 Years400,000
4Bachelor of Arts with Education3 Years930,000
5Bachelor of Science with Education3 Years1,020,000
6Bachelor of Education Arts Primary – Inservice2 Years500,000
7Bachelor of Education Science Primary – Inservice2 Years500,000
8Bachelor of Education Arts Secondary – Inservice2 Years500,000
9Bachelor of Education Science Secondary – Inservice2 Years500,000
10Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education – Inservice3 Years500,000
11Bachelor of Computer Science with Education2 Years500,000
12Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education – Inservice2 Years500,000
13Bachelor of Education with Guidance and Counseling – Inservice2 Years500,000
14Bachelor of Special Needs Education – Regular2 Years500,000


1Diploma in Law1 Year800,000
2Bachelor of Laws4 Years1,517,000
3Bachelor of Laws – Weekend4 1/2 Years1,517,000


1Certificate in Computer Science1 Year400,000
2Diploma in Computer Science2 Years920,000
3Bachelor of Computer Science3 Years1,462,000
4Bachelor of Computer Engineering4 Years1,462,000
5Certificate in Library and Information Science1 Year400,000
6Diploma in Library and Information Science2 Years920,000
7Diploma in Information Technology2 Years920,000
8Bachelor of Information Technology3 Years1,462,000
9Bachelor of Information Systems3 Years1,462,000
10Bachelor of Library and Information Science3 Years1,462,000


1Diploma in Environmental Management2 Years700,000
2Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management3 Years1,130,000
3Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Mgt. & Conservation Biology3 Years1,462,000
4Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics3 Years1,462,000
5Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry3 Years1,462,000
6Bachelor of Science in Chemistry3 Years1,462,000
7Bachelor of Science in Mathematics3 Years1,462,000
8Bachelor of Science in Physics3 Years1,462,000


1Diploma in Civil Engineering2 Years920,000
2Diploma in Electrical Engineering2 Years920,000
3Diploma in MechanicalEngineering2 Years920,000
4Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering2 Years920,000
5Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering4 Years2,193,0,000
6Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering4 Years2,193,0,000
7Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering4 Years2,193,0,000
8Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering4 Years2,193,0,000


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