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Hello there! Keep up with the constantly updated Jamb Repeated Questions. If you are taking Jamb in your 2019 utme exam, here are some of the most repeated Jamb Questions and Likely Jamb questions and Answers for Literature. These questions will cover a high majority of all parts of your Literature syllabus.

If you are preparing for your jamb, do well to followup this series on Jamb Recent repeated questions and Likely Jamb Questions and Answers

Early preparation is key to success. So, take note of some of these questions because some of these questions are likely going to repeated.

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So, lets get right down to business

JAMB Recent Repeated Questions and Likely Jamb Questions and Answers (1-10)

In Richard wright Native Son:
Bigger kills Mary due to fear.
Weekly, Bigger is to be paid twenty five dollar
Consider the following poem:
I wonder how long, you awful parasites,
Shall share with me this little bed,
And awake me, from my sweet dreams be lost,
Sucking blood from my poor head…
Mbure: “to bed-bug”

1.The lines on the poem above is an example of a

Ans: limerick

2. A limerick is a funny poem consisting of

Ans: five lines

3. The most common figure of speech in the poem above is

Ans:  personification

4. The poet personally expresses dismay about

Ans: bedbug

5. A ___ is a figure of speech which shows direct comparison between two things that are unrelated, but which share some common similarities

Ans: Metaphor

6.___is defined as a word that tries to copy the natural sound of a thing.

Ans: Onomatopoeia

7.___ is a form of infectious virulent satire in verse or prose, which is sometimes a malicious or unjust attack on a person, an institute, or an activity

ANS: Lampoon

8.An___ is a figure of speech sometimes represented by an exclamation, such as “oh”

Ans: apostrophe

9. A  is literary genre and type of comedy that makes use of highly exaggerated and funny situations aimed at entertaining the audience

Ans: Farce

10._____is a type of figure of speech in which two contradictory words appear in conjunction that is, a word and its opposite are in the same sentence.

Ans: Oxymoron

JAMB Recent Repeated Questions and Likely Jamb Questions and Answers(11-20)

11.___ creates a sound effects that mimics the thing described making the description more expressive and interesting

Ans: Onomatopoeia

12. A ___ is also called a foot 

Ans: metre

13. Metre or meter is a unit of rhythm in poetry, the pattern of the beat

14. A___ is a story in which animals or things are used as characters

Ans: fable

15. Verbal irony is always ___

Ans: sarcastic.

16. _____ in a novel refers to the way the characters are revealed to the reader

Ans: Characterisation

17. A literary work in which the characters and events are used as symbols is known as ___

Ans:  allegory

18. ____ is the representation of a complete series of actions by means of speech, movement and gestures for the stage, screen and radio

Ans: Drama

19. Caricatures of politicians are commonly used in editorial cartoons, while caricatures of movie stars are often found in ____

Ans: entertainment

20. When a writer or an artist makes fun of someone or something, by imitating the same thing in a funny way, it is called _____

Ans: lampooning


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