12 Best Tips How To Prepare For A Teaching Job Interview

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Knowing how to prepare for a teaching job interview, helps you to stand out among a competitive pool of candidates and showcase your teaching prowess, careful preparation is essential.

How To Prepare For A Teaching Job Interview: Every job has expectations in the work field as well as qualifications. In other words, there is always something that the employers are looking out for in their prospective employees. These are not farfetched, and can be identified if one tries to reason like an employer in that field. Objectively, certain expectations can be speculatively identified. Such details can be very helpful in preparing for a job interview.

Teaching is an admirable profession. In the case of a teaching job interview, certain expectations are peculiar. Asides substantially fulfilling the expectations, there are also other verifiable techniques that when present and operative, are tantamount to preparation for a teaching job interview. This applies in all academic levels of study where one applies for a teaching job. Below are some of the tips for the preparation of a teaching job interview.

How To Prepare For A Teaching Job Interview

Tips To Prepare For Your Teaching Job Interview

1. Study and master your applied field of teaching: Teaching job interview normally has high expectation from applicants. A teacher must exhibit high degree of trustworthiness in respect of his intellectual capacity, for a lot of young minds are dependent on this, should his application become successful.

So, the applicant must at all times and particularly at the interview exhibit high degree of intellectual prowess. He is expected to be a master the field. Of course, the mastery of the field is not expected to be absolute. But as for whether your substantive knowledge of the field applied will be tested, the answer is in the positive. This is usually the first and paramount determinant even before other subsidiary demands will be considered.

2. Prepare for general knowledge test: It is usual for applicants of a teaching job to be tested on general knowledge. The reason for this practice is not farfetched. A teacher ought to be aware of his environment, generally.

This could be based on recent happenings or any general studies. Of course, your communication skill is also tested. Teaching is all about impacting knowledge through communication. If follows therefore that effective communication skill is of paramount importance. More often than not, tests are offered on English language. So, it may not be sufficient to have mastered only the field you applied. You could be tested on general knowledge.

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3. Go for teacher’s training program: One who aspires to hit a teaching job must represent what he or she desires. You do not wait to get the job first before undergoing training on how to perform it.

The interviewers expect you to have the information and represent what working as a teacher means. Such information can be acquired at teachers’ training programs being organized by various bodies.

4. Be technology inclined: In today’s world of technology, a teacher is equally expected to evolve with the technologies.

Not much is required here. Basic knowledge of the digital technology is normally all that is necessary; most particularly, teaching or aid to teaching technologies. This gives you an age over other of the applicants.

5. Be prepared for anything: Preparing for teaching job interview means preparing for anything. As earlier pointed out, the employers have something they are looking out for in the prospective applicants. One cannot be sure; only speculations can be made as to what the expectations are.

The speculations are, however, substantially right. In all preparation, just know that the interview can take any form. The applicants do not have any bargaining power as to what to expect in the interview. You could even be asked to teach a class without being pre-informed on the topic to teach them. That’s an instance of what is meant by preparing your mind for anything. This will save you nervousness and in turn, build your confidence in the interview session, whatever mode it may take.

6. Enquire from the former applicants: You are definitely not the first to be going for a teaching job interview. You can save yourself a lot and gain a lot of information by enquiring from those who have applied for teaching job before.

This will give you an idea of the process and the expectation. It would be best if you can enquire from teachers who applied on your target school and were successfully recruited. Make use of what is available to you they need not necessarily be the successful ones. Better put; enquire from those who have experienced the process before. The importance of this is overwhelming, hence it is most recommended.

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7. Exhibit discipline: A teacher is expected to be disciplined, for he plays the role of a model to the young minds. His job also includes enforcing discipline on the younger minds, that is, the students. So, the applicant must learn to appear disciplined.

The representation of oneself is of utmost importance, and one is at liberty to represent himself in any way he so desires. However, not wearing a discipline outlook jeopardizes your chances of hitting a teaching job; this is regardless of your high intellectual prowess. Exhibiting discipline is something that can be learned.

8. Be on an appropriate dressing for the interview: What is appropriate may be relative. However, when it comes to an official engagement such as job interview, it is rather objective and not relative.

You therefore need to dress appropriately. Corporate dressing is most recommended.

9. Have a mindset of putting the student’s interest first: In preparing for a teaching job interview, you must master to wear a countenance that shows that you will always put the interest of the students as paramount in all cases. This shows that you have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of your prospective job. Of course the countenance is right.

The students are the reason why teachers are in school. In your job interview, always be mindful of not giving an otherwise impression. This may be dictated from your conduct or your answers to questions asked. The employers are consciously looking out for any attitude that seems to put your interest above that of the students.

10. Master the techniques of classroom management and teaching methods: As a teacher, the substance of your job includes managing the students and the classrooms. This is quite a skill that must be mastered. You may be required to express your skill on that in the course of your interview.

There are also various teaching methods which you are expected to exhibit their mastery. For instance, discussion method, demonstration method, case studies, inquiry-based method, direct instruction, lecture method, collaborative method, field-based method, and so on.

11. Conduct a research on the school: In preparing for a teaching job interview, it is very important that you conduct a research on the school you applied for.

You need to study the school, know about them and their policies; know their history and other basic information about them. These questions can feature in your interview. The mastery of such information shows that you actually have interest in the school. Institutions are inclined to consider for employment, applicants who have shown genuine interest in them.

12. Obtain the requisite degree and certifications: Of course, this information should have come first. It is probably coming later because it is assumed that it is a very prominent information which stays at the subconscious of everyone. So, let’s say, this heading serves as a reminder. You sure need to have acquired the requisite degree and certifications.

It is important that you have an answer as to what inspires you to apply for a teaching job. You should learn to exhibit the attitude of patience. Having problem-solving skill is also an advantage. Again, having had a classroom experience increases your chances and confidence. In all, preparing for a teaching job means preparing for anything. The tips proffered above are helpful if you are preparing for a teaching job interview.

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