How to begin your Tech Journey in 2023/2024 Anywhere Globally

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With the way the world is going, it almost seems like a loss not getting into tech. Possessing tech skills make you relevant. If you’re wondering how to begin your tech journey or how to transition into the Tech field, you should read and digest the information in this post.

how to begin your tech journey

Reasons to join Tech

  1. Numerous opportunities – There are various opportunities in the Tech space. You can tag on in any area or industry of your choice. More so, you can get job opportunities from various countries. If you’re looking to relocate or migrate to another country, tech is one of the ways you can achieve this.
  2. Job flexibility – Getting a job in the Tech space helps you balance your work life. You do not have to work in the office from 8am – 4pm or 9am – 5pm. You can actually perform your job duties from the comfort of your home. You can also work from anywhere in the world, cool right?
  3. High financial compensation – Tech professionals are highly sought after, paid and compensated for their services.
  4. Continuous relevance – Tech is here to stay. The world is evolving and it doesn’t look like tech will ever get out of demand.
  5. You keep learning and get more creative – The tech industry keeps evolving meaning that tech professionals must keep up with trends an as they find solutions in their various fields, they become more creative and solution oriented.

Now you know why you can consider joining the industry, you need to know how to begin your tech journey.

How to begin your Tech journey

You can start a tech career with no experience. You do not even need a degree to start a career or build one in tech.

  • Do your research.

The tech industry has several areas. You will need to read up and decide which of the areas you have more interest in. Major areas in the tech space include:


  • Take your decision on the field or area you want to begin your journey based on your research.

Now that you have an informed knowledge, you need to take a decision on what field you will like to major in. This is to help you stay focused.

  • Enrol for a course or training in your desired area. 

You can sign up for either a physical training course or an online course to equip yourself for your tech journey. You will definitely have to spend some money but trust me, it is worth it. Remember, nothing of value is free. You will never regret investing in yourself.

  • Continue reading and updating your knowledge

To get a better understanding on what you have learnt and are still learning, you need to keep searching for resources on the internet and watching tutorial videos on YouTube. It will help to give you in depth interpretation of every process.

  • Join Tech Communities

Being a part of tech communities will help you mingle and connect with people who share the same interests with you. These communities can be found on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram. You can also locate Tech Communities in the city where you live , join them, make yourself relevant, learn from them and build connections and get tech experience.

You can also collaborate with other tech professionals in carrying out task, these professionals you will come in contact with in communities. There are many other benefits in joining communities.

  • Practice, practice, practice

People say practice makes perfect. Although practice wouldn’t make you perfect, it will increase your efficiency. As you practice, you will gain more understanding and get better at what you do. You will gain mastery and become a strong figure in your field.

  • Let people know what you do

As your practice, share results of what you have done. It will make people see your skills and also let them know what you are capable of. This makes it easier to recommend you. Your work will speak more for you than you having to explain yourself.

Why do people people encounter failure in their tech journey?

  1. Lack of focus.
  2. Lack of patience.
  3. Hunger for instant gratification.
  4. Lack of humility to learn from others.
  5. Lack of grit and resilience to keep going until the desired result is gotten.
  6. lack of personal development and mental capacity upgrade.

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