Top 12 Countries for Nigerians to Migrate to in 2023

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Countries for Nigerians to Migrate

Our exploration takes us through the top 12 countries for Nigerians to migrate to, where diverse landscapes, promising job markets, welcoming communities, and the potential for personal and professional growth beckon.

Top 12 Countries for Nigerians to Migrate to in 2023: A common joke says, “The Nigerian desire is to flee Nigeria“. Many people feel compelled to leave because they owe it to themselves and their children. In fact, according to research, 74% of Nigerians want to leave the nation, either passively or actively. Nigerians currently dominate other black immigrant populations in most nations, which is no surprise.

In the diaspora, there are estimated to be 17 million Nigerians. Nigeria is the leading African major source of immigration to the United States, according to research by the Migration Policy Institute. However, the United States may be losing favor among Nigerians looking to flee the nation.

Over 12,500 Nigerians were given permanent residency in Canada in 2019, up 300 percent from the previous year. In general, whereas upper-class Nigerians seek out richer nations such as Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and Western European countries, lower-class Nigerians opt for African and Asian countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Cambodia. By all accounts, emigrating from Africa’s most populous country is profitable and unstoppable.

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Between 2014 and 2017, about 82,000 Nigerians landed in Italy, largely by sea, according to the BBC. The bulk of the group journeyed to Libya, where they experienced modern-day slavery, forced labor, kidnapping, and numerous sorts of sexual abuse. Many people who take the risk of traveling do not make it back alive.

Top 12 Easiest And Best Countries for Nigerians to Migrate Or Relocate To

1. Canada: Nigeria overtook India, China, and the Philippines as the fourth-largest source of new immigrants to Canada in 2019. You can enter Canada in a variety of ways as a Nigerian with suitable skills, academic degrees, and work experience. Last year, a total of 12,600 Nigerians were granted permanent residency in Canada, representing a threefold increase in Nigerian immigration to Canada since 2015.

The great majority of Nigerians immigrated to Canada as low-wage workers. Express Entry is the primary method by which Canada administers economic class immigration applications, and it was via Express Entry that 65 percent of Nigerian immigrants earned permanent residence status in Canada in 2019.

Last year, Nigeria was the third-most-popular source nation for people who got an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence through Express Entry.

The growth in Nigerian immigration to Canada is due to several causes. Since the drop in global oil prices in 2014, the oil-rich country’s economic development has slowed. Before 2014, Nigeria’s economy grew at a rate of approximately 5% per year, but growth has subsequently slowed to roughly 2% per year.

As a result, a growing number of Nigerian professionals have sought employment in nations such as Canada. Nigerians are attracted to Canada because it offers economic prospects in industries such as oil and gas, ICT, health care, and other STEM-related fields, which are attractive to Nigerian professionals.

Nigerian professionals may also do well under the Comprehensive Ranking System of Express Entry (CRS). When immigration hopefuls submit Express Entry profiles, qualities including English language fluency, a high level of education, and professional job experience are all taken into account, factors those Nigerian professionals who come to Canada possess. Nigerians have a huge edge over most other nations under Express Entry since English is their country’s official language. English-language competency is a crucial element of the CRS.

2. Australia: As a Nigerian, Australia has been touted as one of the greatest nations to relocate to.

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Australia has a population of roughly 24 million people and is noted for its fairly severe weather. This has put the country at a disadvantage since it lacks some resources, such as trained labor.

Nigerians migrate to Australia for a variety of reasons, including providing a better future for their kids, achieving a better work-life balance, advancing their education, or simply escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.

The majority of Nigerians who emigrate to Australia have strong familial or personal motives for doing so. It’s a lifelong goal for some, while it’s about space and quality of life for others.

It might be the fact that you live near the ocean and have access to miles of sandy beaches. For some, it’s a chance to reunite with family, while for others, it’s a chance to return to the site where they had amazing memories as a student or during their working vacation visa year in Australia.

Others come to Australia to establish a business, grow an existing one, or invest in the country’s numerous prospects.

3. Switzerland: When it comes to gorgeous countries in European nations, Switzerland is one of them. The country’s standard of living is excellent; however, immigration is very tough. This is because Swiss immigration regulation is designed to discourage people from coming to the country. However, there are still options to immigrate to the nation, such as securing admission to a Swiss institution.

In the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels, Swiss institutions provide a very high standard of education and comparably affordable tuition prices. If you are a Nigerian international student interested in studying in Switzerland, you will need to apply for a student visa in Switzerland.

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From the time your application is accepted, the visa processing takes 8–12 weeks to complete.

Following your education, you will be granted a 6-month work visa to look for work. If you are unable to find a job within six months, you will be requested to leave the country or will be considered an illegal immigrant.

4. Belgium: Belgium is a European country with a large native English and French-speaking population. It is also a country where Nigerians may readily relocate. Because it is not as competitive as traveling to the United States or the United Kingdom, you may be surprised to receive your visa in record time if you wish to relocate to this European nation.

You must have obtained a job in Belgium as a Nigerian seeking greener pasture to be granted a permanent residency visa. You can apply for the job from Nigeria, and once you have a job there, you will be eligible to apply for a residency permit after working for two weeks in Belgium. To obtain your residence permit, you will need to continue working.

Some of the benefits of a Nigerian obtaining a resident visa or permission in Belgium include that for one year, there is no restriction to the number of times you can stay, access to Belgium’s business-friendly climate, dual citizenship is not restricted.

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The Belgium residency program also enables you to relocate to Belgium permanently with your family. Belgian nationals have the same rights and advantages as permanent residents from other nations.

5. Germany: Germany is a top European country and most European migrants’ preferred destination. Obtaining a visa to Europe, particularly Germany, is, nevertheless, far from straightforward. To fit in, you may attempt to learn the basics of their language. Germany remains one of the greatest destinations for Nigerians to relocate to.

When it comes to development, they are well ahead of the majority of the countries mentioned here. Because of its robust economy, it enjoys a high standard of living. If you want to live a happy life, this is a fantastic place to live. As a professional like a doctor, nurse, or engineer. Germany is a fantastic choice for you. People with special skills or knowledge of technology are also welcome to work in Germany. enjoy the dream life.

6. Austria: As a Nigerian, it is one of the greatest countries in the world to move to, especially if you are a student. One of the advantages of moving to Austria as a student is that you will receive free tuition and the cost of living is not too costly. If you wish to travel from Nigeria, you may go to an Austrian visa application center in Lagos or Abuja to learn more about the precise criteria for the visa type you’ll need for your studies.

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7. Poland: Poland is a remarkable country since it offers excellent survival opportunities. The country has a lot of economic advantages as well as other advantages. The country has a diverse culture and encourages residents to be diverse.

There are many thrilling outdoor activities to choose from, and if you enjoy hiking, Poland is a great area to do so. Poland is on this list because it is inexpensive. The Polish Zloty is the country’s native currency, with a current exchange rate of 0.25 per US dollar.

8. Singapore: Singapore is one of the most popular places for international migrants looking to start a new chapter in their lives, work, and live with their families in other parts of the world. The country boasts a robust economy, a low cost of living, and a great quality of life, and it has traditionally welcomed migrants. Every year, the number of immigrants in the country increases. Its fast-paced, culturally varied economy is brimming with thriving firms and prospects.

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Workers in Singapore are paid a monthly minimum wage of $386 (N158,472.30). In Singapore, employees are also paid for the 13th month. If you’re looking for Nigerian employment in Singapore, have a look at some of these opportunities. Singapore now has a deficit of technological personnel, which necessitates reliance on foreigners to fill the void.

Singapore is home to IT heavyweights like Facebook and Alphabet’s Google, as well as Byte Dance and Zoom, which are aggressively hiring in the 5.7 million-strong country.

9. United Kingdom of Great Britain: Nigerians can also relocate to the United Kingdom, which allows international students to work in the country once they finish their studies. Nigerians looking for better pastures might take advantage of this chance. British officials made the information about this chance public.

According to their announcement, they just created a new graduate path for international students, including Nigerians, to apply for starting July 1, 2021. This new ‘Graduate path’ will allow the UK to retain the finest and brightest overseas students so that they may continue to contribute to society and the economy after they finish their studies.

Graduate students will be entitled to work or search for a job for a maximum of two years after completing their studies, or three years for Doctoral students.

10. New Zealand: For Nigerian citizens, New Zealand has been a popular long-term immigration destination. Individuals and families from Nigeria are drawn to New Zealand because of its high quality of life, natural beauty, strong economy, and relatively safe environment.

New Zealand is regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in the world, and many Nigerians believe that emigrating to the country was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Some visas, such as those for eligible Nigerian migrants, allow instant permanent residency, but you must satisfy the visa’s restrictions to continue your journey from Nigeria. A resident visa may be obtained in a variety of ways, the most common of which is a temporary visa that permits you to study or start a company in New Zealand.

11. Mexico: Mexico is a part of the continent of North America. In addition to interesting cultural attractions, it boasts a low cost of living. The greatest thing is that you can get an FMM visa that would let you stay in Mexico for a full 180 days for just $21. As many times as you’d like before it expires while you’re still within the country, you can renew your visa.

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The cost of rent is roughly $200 per month, there are many delicious, inexpensive meals available at eateries (starting at only $1), and public transit is about $10 per month. Your monthly expenses can be greatly reduced by relocating to a place with less tourists, such as Mérida or Guanajuato.

12. Peru: Over 31 million people live in Peru, a nation on South America’s western coast. It is a well-liked vacation spot recognized for historical and cultural sites like Machu Picchu.

The nation does, however, provide reasonable living expenses for people who are interested in emigrating. The major reason Peru is on this list of the cheapest nations to immigrate to from Nigeria is the fact that one can rent a quality apartment in Lima for $400 a month or less and still have money left over after paying for food, transportation, and other essentials. Yes, a comfortable existence can be achieved in Peru for far less than $900 per month, to say the least.


Immigration is not a simple procedure anywhere in the globe, however, when compared to other nations, the above-stated countries are where you may easily go from Nigeria as a Nigerian. Make sure you ask about the standards that qualify you to go to any of these nations and show them if necessary, and you’ll be set to go.


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