Common Errors Committed by Women in 2023

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“Common Errors Committed by Women” is a topic that sheds light on some of the misconceptions, stereotypes, and societal pressures that women often encounter in their daily lives.

Have you ever asked yourself this question what the the common mistakes that women make that have reuind their marriage? In a world were divorce rate is on the increase do you known that the earlier you know this truth the better it will be for you to save your marriage on this article I will be unveiling four common mistakes women make that ruined their marriage kindly read and digest it .

Common Errors Committed by Women

3 Mistakes women Make That Ruined Their Home.

1. Advising your husband without his permission:

95% of women make this common mistake virtually everyday Most women have ruined their home, thinking that they were doing the right thing unknowingly to them that they were on the wrong path, the moment a woman starts advising her husband without his consent you are indirectly telling your husband that he doesn’t known what to do and naturally men have ego and when their ego is touched they are hurt.

2.Decision making

:The second mistakes that women make that have ruined their marriage is  making decisions without involving their husbands, no matter the wealth and affluence you carry into your marriage as a woman don’t forget this truth that your husband is still the head and not the tail if only women can be summiting their decisions to their husbands, this will enhance their atmosphere of love and it will avoid the mistakes couples make in this modern day marriage .

3. Raising your voice on your husband:

It is true that grievous word stirrs anger no matter what your husband say or do if only you can be calm in your response you will win his heart and avoid the common mistakes women make these days, please women learn to be calm in your approach to your husband by so doing you will enjoy your home like as never before.

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Never be to big to say sorry as a woman let your love be broad enough to accommodate offens it may not be easy to say sorry in other to preserve your home  it is more needful you blend into it, the truth is this, two wrong cannot make right and  he who says sorry is stronger in every marriage one must surely play the role of a fool for ones  marriage to be preserved be the woman that keep and preserve your home from breaking up.


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