20 Uncommon Names Starting With U

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This article contains 20 uncommon names starting with U. So if you are looking for special uncommon names starting with U, then keep reading.

Names Starting With U

What Names Start with U?

Letter U is the twenty-one letter in the English alphabet, making it unique and unusual. It’s likely that your child’s name will stand out among their classmates if it begins with a U.

Names that Start With U

Here are wonderful name ideas that begin with U

1. Usman

An Arabic name meaning ‘wise’, this middle name is often chosen by families who prize academic achievement or learning in general.

2. Usher

Taken from the Latin meaning ‘river mouth’, Usher is a popular middle name that works well with longer first names.

3. Uri

A Hebrew name that means ‘my light’, this name tends to work well as a companion for more involved, multi-syllabic first names.

4. Usnavi

This name is a unique choice, yet it’s become quite popular after the success of the musical “In The Heights”.

5. Uzair

Taken from the Arabic meaning strength, this equivalent of Ezra tends to be a strong companion name to less traditionally masculine first names.

6. Urban

From a Roman term meaning ‘city’ or ‘of the city’, Urban has a strong connection to the Catholic faith and is often used by parents who have strong religious affiliations.

7. Uzziel

Hebrew boy’s name means ‘strength’ or ‘power’ and tends to be a good fit for those looking for a stronger middle name.

8. Ubaldo

This Italian name means ‘bold heart’ and tends to be chosen by families who have Italian heritage.

9. Udel

Udel comes from a root word in Old English that means ‘yew valley’, but tends to be used mostly by those looking for a simple but distinctive middle name.

10. Udi

This middle name comes from a Hebrew term that means ‘my torch’, making it a fantastic choice for those who are looking to ascribe qualities of leadership to a son.

Cool Names that Start with U

Check out these amazing name ideas for your kids.

11. Udo

Udo is a German word that means ‘child’, making it a solid choice as a middle name for the first child in a family.

12. Udolfo

Related to the Old English name Udolf, this name means ‘wolf wealth’ and tends to be a strong, multiple-syllable middle name to accompany shorter first names.

13. Ugo

Ugo is an Italian word that means ‘thinker’, making it a good choice for families that promote intellectual pursuits.

14. Uta

Related to Ute, this German middle name tends to be a better fit for those looking for a name with a similar meaning but a softer sound.

15. Umeko

Umeko means ‘plum tree’ in Japanese and is a fantastic middle name for those who have strong connections to Japanese culture.

16. Ursa

Another Latin word for ‘she-bear’, Ursa is a traditionally strong middle name that denotes strength and power.

17. Unice

A variation of Eunice, this name means ‘good victory’ and can be a good choice for those families who are fans of sports and competition.

18. Umayma

This Hindi name means ‘goddess’ and can be a very special middle name to give a girl for whom parents would do anything.

19. Ujvala

This Hindi name means ‘bright’ or ‘clear’, making it a popular middle name for girls of parents who hope for their academic futures.

20. Ubelia

Related to the name Ophelia’, Ubelia means ‘help’ and can be a good name for those families hoping for a generous daughter.

21. Uberta

This feminine version of Uberto tends to be used by families looking for a strong middle name that has connotations of intelligence and wisdom.

What Does UMA Mean?

Uma is a given name in Hindu culture. In India, it is the name of the Hindu goddess, who is more commonly known as Parvati.

In Sanskrit, the word umā can further mean “tranquillity”, “splendor”, “fame” and “night”.

What is the Meaning of URVI?

Name: Urvi, Meaning: Earth, River, Both heaven and earth, Substantial, Our mother earth. Gender: Girl. Numerology: 7.

Who is Goddess Uma?

The name Uma is primarily a female name of Indian origin that means Nation.

What Kind of Name is Ursula?

Ursula is a feminine given name in several different languages. The name is derived from a diminutive of the Latin Ursa, which means “bear”.

The name has been rather uncommon in the English-speaking world, although its use has been recently influenced by the Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress (born 1936).

What Language is Uma?

Uma (known natively as Pipikoro) is an Austronesian language spoken in Central and South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

U is an obvious area to look for something unique because it is one of the least frequent letters for names.

We hope our list of unusual and popular names helped you choose the ideal name for your new baby.



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