8 Funny Student Experiences in Nigerian Universities

Nigerian Universities are very special. Whether you attended a Federal, State or Private University, there are certain experiences in Nigerian Universities you must have as a fresher or stallite. The beauty of all these experiences you will have in Nigerian universities is that they make your stay in school memorable and fun. So, if you…Read moreRead more

Learn How to Write a Proper Business Plan

How to write a business plan

A wise man once said, failure to plan is a plan for failure. This is why as an entrepreneur, you must know how to write a business plan In my article of why most businesses fail, I mentioned that poor planning is a major reason. If you are an entrepreneur or intending entrepreneur, I suggest…Read moreRead more

Why Most Businesses Fail (How to Avoid Failure)

Why most businesses fail

The fear of every entrepreneur is his or her business failing. Look around you, there might be an eatery or supermarket or a friends business that suddenly wrapped up. Have you ever asked yourself why that happened? Most people believe insufficient funds are the reason why most businesses fail. Well, that is just one out…Read moreRead more

How to Cram Everything Overnight

How to cram everything overnight

La Cram La Pour! There are always situations as a student where you have to cram everything a night or two to an exam. Every student has been down this road. There is only one thing you can do. CRAM! If you do not know how to cram everything in this situation, it might be…Read moreRead more

How To Write an Industrial Training Report (I.T Report Format, Grading Analysis)

How to write an industrial training report

Heads up! Attached to this post is an Industrial Training report format and a sample report to help you with necessary guidelines on how to write an Industrial training report. RELATES SEARCHES: sample of industrial training report writing, industrial training report sample for computer science, example of industrial training report abstract, industrial training report on networking pdf, how to write a report on industrial…Read moreRead more

How To use Jamb Past Questions to Score Above 280

Jamb Logo

The truth is Jamb barely brings out new questions. They usually just put together old ones and refurbish them. So what you really need is to know how to use Jamb Past Questions. Yes! You have to know how, because most people us Jamb Past Questions but still fail woefully because they do not know…Read moreRead more

Jamb CBT Exam Secrets to Scoring High


The JAMB examination season is here again. Lets quickly look at how the JAMB CBT exam is like and some JAMB CBT exam secrets to scoring very high. A lot of people are worried on how to possibly maneuver through the CBT examination and come out in flying colours especially those who are not too…Read moreRead more