UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF | Pdf Download for All Subjects

UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download
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To all those preparing for the 2020 University of Ibadan, UI Post UTME, here are some UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers that will enable you to perform well in the forthcoming exams. Like jamb, UNIBEN PostUTME usually repeats Past Questions also. If you want to know How to Pass UI Post UTME, then you need this.

Blame yourself if you fail the UI 2020 Post UTME. All necessary materials have been made available to you to score high in UI Post UTME and be sure of your admission. See also the UI Cut Off Mark 2019/2020 (JAMB &  Departmental.

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Free UI Post Utme Questions and Answers

Here is some sample questions from the University of Ibadan  Post UTME exercise.



1. …………………….. is an example of plant propagated by leaf. (A) Zoophyte (B) Allelopathy (C) Bryophyte (D) Angiosperm

2. A tree species introduced from another country is called——– (A) International species; (B) Exotic species; (C) Exogenous species (D) Crossbreed species

3. Agriculture can be broadly classified into……….. and………. (A) Livestock, Soil (B) Animal, Soil (C) Animal, Crop (D) Poultry, Fruit

4. An insect vector is important because (A) it helps to harbor and transmit pathogens which (A) cause diseases (B) it helps pathogens to develop only at the egg stage (C) it helps to carry pathogens to the environment for control (D) it is efficient in killing pathogens

5. Birds are important pests of (A) tree crops (B) legumes (C) Cereals (D) vegetables crops

6. Broad-spectrum pesticides are dangerous because (A) they kill all pests and other non- (A) target organisms indiscriminately; (B) they allow non-target organisms to survive; (C) they allow target organisms to survive; (D) they kill target organisms only.

7. Contact insecticides are used to control (A) pod borers of legumes (B) stem borers of cereal (C) leaf beetles of legumes (D) eelworm of legumes

8. Entomology is the (A) study of Insects (B) study of viruses (C) study of Nematodes (D) A study of Bacteria

9. Nematology is the (A) study of Insects (B) study of Viruses (C) study of Nematodes (D) study of Bacteria

10. Olericulture involves the cultivation of ……………… (A) Tropical fruits (B) Ornamental plants (C) Vegetables (D) Orchards

11. One of these is a natural agricultural resource (A) water; (B) petroleum; (C) calcium (D) A potatoes

12. Pesticides that are translocated to plant parts such that pests that feed on them are poisoned are called (A). Systemic pesticides (B) Attractants (C) Fumigants (D) Repellents.

13. Pests of crops that feed by piercing and sucking plants include the following except (A) stem borer (B) aphids (C) cassava mealybugs (D) cotton stainers

14. Plants that are capable of carrying out photosynthesis contain (A) No Chlorophyll (B) Only Xanthophyll (C) Chlorophyll (D) No plant pigment

15. Problems of agriculture in Nigeria include: (A) higher education and land; (B) poor rural infrastructure and low soil fertility (C) human capital and extension services; (D) mineral resources and poor storage facilities.


UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Sample – ACCOUNTING

In the questions 1-5 below, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase underlined

1. The culprits will surrender their loot to the customs officials.
(A)give away
(B)give out
(C)give in
(D)give up

The answer is C

2. The discussion became animated.

The answer is B

3. Rich citizens are often niggardly in their ways.

The answer is C

4. The musicians popularity is beginning to decline.

The answer is B

5. Olu promised to look out for her next time he is in town
(A)watch for
(D)take care of

The answer is B

6. A financial analyst needs accounts information  to:
(A) maintain the production section of the business
(B) know why  transactions  cause increases  and decreases in asset
(C) advice on how to manage the business
(D) know how to record transactions in the T account.

7. Creditors use accounting information for the purpose of:
(A) planning sales to a company
B) controlling  a  company’s  affairs
(C) investing  in  a  company
(D) assessing a company’s liquidity.

8. In preparing accounting records, the owners of a business and the business are treated as:
(A) the same person
(B) having a business relationship
(C) separate legal entities
(D) partners.

9. One  of  the  major  features  of  bookkeeping  is  that  it
(A) provides  permanent  records  for  all financial  transactions
(B) is  futuristic  in  nature
(C) accepts responsibility for all wrong posting
(D) does not give room for double entry procedure

10. The accounting principle states that for every debit entry, there is a corresponding credit entry is recognized as a concept.
(A) realization
(B) entity
(C) going concern


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