Is Jamb 2019 Mock Compulsory? When is Jamb 2019 Mock? See answers here.


I have been receiving many messages from people who are seeking to know when Jamb 2019 Mock will hold and if Jamb 2019 Mock is compulsory. Well this post will help you with answers to those questions. Firstly, in preparation for the Jamb 2019 exams which are very close, you will need to know how…Read moreRead more

How to Reprint Jamb Slip For Jamb 2019 (Showing Exam Date and Center)


Many questions have been flying around on how to reprint Jamb slip for Jamb 2019 so as to see your date and center. Well, reprinting your jamb slip is easy and can be done very fast. So that you can know your actual date and your exam venue. To reprint Jamb Slip for Jamb 2019,…Read moreRead more

Learn How to Study Without Losing Concentration

To study without losing concentration and studying with full concentration can be very hard for students.Most times studying for 30 minutes straight is so hard and harder to study for 30 minutes straight with full concentration. Actually, there are some subjects or courses that require your full attention for you to understand it If you…Read moreRead more

How to Cram Everything Overnight

How to cram everything overnight

La Cram La Pour! There are always situations as a student where you have to cram everything a night or two to an exam. Every student has been down this road. There is only one thing you can do. CRAM! If you do not know how to cram everything in this situation, it might be…Read moreRead more

How To use Jamb Past Questions to Score Above 280


The truth is Jamb barely brings out new questions. They usually just put together old ones and refurbish them. So what you really need is to know how to use Jamb Past Questions. Yes! You have to know how, because most people us Jamb Past Questions but still fail woefully because they do not know…Read moreRead more

How to Improve Your CGPA at a Fast Rate

how to improve your CGPA

Let us quickly look at How to Improve your CGPA Fast. This topic is of great importance to those in the tertiary institutions who might be looking to revive a falling gpa or attain a first class. What is CGPA? CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is the average of your grade points…Read moreRead more