JAMB Recent Repeated Questions in Literature|Likely Jamb Questions and Answers

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Hello there! Keep up with the constantly updated Jamb Repeated Questions. If you are taking Jamb in your 2019 utme exam, here are some of the most repeated Jamb Questions and Likely Jamb questions and Answers for Literature. These questions will cover a high majority of all parts of your Literature syllabus. If you are…Read moreRead more

How to Overcome Exam Fear

How to pass difficult courses

Ever watched an episode of ‘Fear Factor’ and took note of the contestants reactions when they are about to face their fears? This is the same way by which some students face exam.

The 6 Most Important Successful Student Habits

6 big secrets of every successful student

The desire of every serious student is for their efforts to be crowned with glory. In other words, to be successful students. So, let us quickly explore the The 6 Most Important Successful Student Habits. These secrets can also expose to you what exactly it takes to be a successful student if you aspire to…Read moreRead more

5 Laws on How to Pass any Scholarship Exam you Write

Engineering Students Scholarships

How to Pass any Scholarship Exam. We all know what scholarships are. I actually see them as some sort of reward for intellect. That is why it is good you keep good grades and work hard. Forget the idea of your regular school exams. Scholarship exams are the main deal because the organizers are set…Read moreRead more

Unique Ways on How to Pass Difficult Courses or Subjects

How to pass difficult courses

As a student at any level of education, there are some courses that might prove to be a thorn in the flesh to you. I mean they prove to be extremely difficult and impossible to pass. I want to show you some unique ways on how to pass difficult courses or subjects. I know how…Read moreRead more

5 Techniques on How to Study Smarter not Harder as a Student

How to study smartly as a student

As you advance in your academics and work load increases, the need to improve your reading techniques arises. You need to make sure that the littlest of efforts produces massive results as you study. This is the reason why you need to know the techniques on how to study smarter not harder as a student….Read moreRead more

7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB | No 2 Will Amaze You

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Are you preparing for JAMB? Then this article on 7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB is compulsory for you to read. Each year, Jamb records a high rate of failure and this failure is usually due to candidates falling victim of some petty things. But despite these things, you can still be successful in you…Read moreRead more